How long is a Rangemaster warranty?

  1. How long is a Rangemaster warranty?

  2. All Rangemaster cooking appliances, including hoods, fridges and dishwashers, come with a two year warranty. Other Rangemaster appliances have a one year warranty. For more information and to register your Rangemaster warranty online, go to the registration page.

  3. Are Rangemaster cookers made in UK?

  4. We are hugely proud that each and every AGA and Rayburn cooker is built in Telford.

  5. Are AGA and Rangemaster the same?

  6. Rangemaster models are sold in the USA under the AGA brand name and in Europe under the Falcon brand name. The home of range cooking since 1830, Falcon cookers are available in selected markets.

  7. Is Miele a good product?

  8. In our home market of Germany, Miele has even been voted the best product brand of all time (best brand ever) across all product categories. And the ownership of products from such a brand reveals much about its users: Miele customers have high expectations for the performance and sustainability of their appliances.

  9. Do Range ovens have a microwave?

  10. And if you’re asking, Is a range the same as a microwave oven? No, they’re different appliances. A range is an appliance that has both a stovetop and a traditional oven in one unit for heating meals.

  11. Is Smeg Made in Italy?

  12. Vision, intuition, international reach: owing to a business culture that places the utmost attention on quality, on technological contents with an extreme focus on energy savings, the Smeg Group is recognised on an international scale as a mastermind of excellence Made in Italy.

  13. Can you burn toast in a microwave?

  14. Excessive microwave heating can burn dry food on the inside without showing any signs on the outside. As well as heating only the surface of the bread, using a toaster causes the bread to lose moisture, making it dry and crispy.

  15. Do Rangemaster make microwaves?

  16. The range includes single ovens, double ovens, built-under double ovens, a warming drawer, a storage drawer, a microwave combi and a steam combi.

  17. What is a multifunction oven Rangemaster?

  18. The multifunction oven offers up to 11 functions for really flexible cooking. From crisping up the base of your pizza to browning your favourite pasta dish, the multifunction oven is the perfect cooking cavity! Functions include: Fan oven. Conventional oven.

  19. Does Miele make range cookers?

  20. The Miele HR1956-1 G Range cooker is not only an oven its a work or art and innovation. Featuring the latest technology from Miele including; Multicoloured TFT touch display with clear text – M Touch. Maximum variety – six powerful burners and a griddle.

  21. Why is there a shortage of Rangemaster cookers?

  22. The past few months have seen unprecedented demand for AGA Rangemaster range cookers (Rangemaster, Falcon, Mercury, and AGA), and off the back of the COVID-related factory shutdown early in 2020, as well as the subsequent reduced capacity in line with social distancing restrictions, it has understandably led to long

  23. Are stoves and Rangemaster the same company?

  24. AGA Rangemaster Group Limited, owns a number of brands including La Cornue, Rangemaster, Divertimenti, Fired Earth, AGA, and Marvel. It manufactures Rayburn and Rangemaster stoves, and various other kitchen equipment, cookware and kitchen furnishings.

  25. Can you change the Colour of a Rangemaster?

  26. People say you can’t but you CAN respray / paint your Rangemaster oven doors!

  27. What is the lifespan of a Rangemaster cooker?

  28. There may come a time, though, when a change is due or you are ready for something a little better, and given that a Rangemaster should last 15 to 20 years a lot may have changed and you may be in a position to consider a cooker from a stable with a higher pedigree.

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