Is Bosch as good as Thermador?

  1. Is Bosch as good as Thermador?

  2. Overall, Thermador offers slightly better materials, manufacturing, and upgraded features, ranking the brand higher than Bosch.

  3. Is Thermador considered high-end?

  4. Thermador is another respected name in high-end dishwashers, along with other kitchen appliances. The brand is owned by BSH Home Appliances Corporation, which also makes the Bosch dishwashers that do well in our dishwasher Ratings. So you know you’re getting a quality product.

  5. Are Bosch and Thermador owned by the same company?

  6. Here’s an industry secret you might not know. Bosch technically owns Thermador appliances. But does that mean both brands are equal? Not exactlyin fact, the two are pretty distinct and offer a unique experience that appeals to separate buyers.

  7. Is Neff made in China?

  8. NEFF was founded in 1877 in Baden-Wrttemberg, Southern Germany. Our ovens are made in Germany, in our state-of-the art 105,000m2 factory in Bretten, and we are the largest employer in the region.

  9. Who makes Gaggenau appliances?

  10. Gaggenau has been a subsidiary of BSH Hausgerte GmbH in Munich since 1995 and is currently represented in more than 50 countries with 22 flagship showrooms in major cities around the world.

  11. Are Miele and Neff the same company?

  12. Both Miele and Neff are premium brands, but Miele has considerably more innovative features. The only feature that gives Neff the edge over Miele is the slide and hide door. The company has a patent on the slide and hideaway door, making them the only manufacturer with this distinct design.

  13. Who bought Bosch?

  14. In 2013 the Mann+Hummel Group acquired Bosch’s stake.

  15. Is Bosch owned by Thermador?

  16. First things first, did you know that Thermador and Bosch are owned by the same company? And both companies believe in manufacturing products where they sell them, so 75% of the Bosch and Thermador appliances sold in America are actually made here, despite their German heritage.

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