Which device measures temperature most quickly?

  1. Which device measures temperature most quickly?

  2. Radiation thermometers measure temperature at very faster rate.

  3. What happens if you use plain flour instead of self-raising flour?

  4. If a recipe calls for self-raising flour it is doing so because it is relying on the raising agents in that flour to make the baked good ‘rise’. If you use plain flour instead and don’t add any raising agents you will most likely end up with a very flat, dense bake!

  5. Should Yorkshire pudding batter be thick or runny?

  6. What consistency should Yorkshire pudding mix be? For perfect Yorkies, you need a consistency of heavy cream, so really quite runny but not milk runny. To make sure you achieve this I suggest pouring half of the liquid in then slowly adding more until you reach the consistency.

  7. Why do my Yorkshire puddings go flat when I take them out the oven?

  8. If the batter bubbles over while cooking and runs together across the top of the hot pan, it will drag your Yorkshire puddings down and stop them from adequately rising. After removing the Yorkshire puddings from the oven, place them away from drafts or any air movement that could cause them to deflate.

  9. Do you put oil in the pan before or after it’s hot?

  10. Non-stick pans can emit unhealthy fumes if heated dry and the heat can ruin the coating on the pan. Oil heats quickly, so watch the pan to make sure you add the food when the oil is hot. You should add oil to a hot pan if you are using unseasoned cookware such as stainless steel.

  11. What happens if you heat a pan with nothing in it?

  12. If you have a pan on heat with nothing in it, there is a more likely chance you might grab the pan and burn yourself. If you add oil to a hot pan, it’s going to get hot very fast so you better be ready with all your ingredients and ready to cook or the oil will burn require starting over.

  13. How do you decide that the given object is hotter than the other object?

  14. Answer: Using thermometer. hope it helps you.

  15. What are the 3 ways to measure the temperature?

  16. There are three commonly used measurement systems: Fahrenheit, Celsius and Kelvin.

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