Why are RATIONAL ovens so good?

  1. Is Neff CircoTherm the same as a fan oven?

  2. In my experience it’s just the same as any fan oven but I don’t reduce the temperature as you would with a regular fan one. Eg, if a recipe states 200 deg, 180 fan, I’ll cook at 200 deg. Timings are pretty much the same, but the circotherm heats up as quickly as a fan oven so no need to preheat.

  3. Why are RATIONAL ovens so good?

  4. Constant steam temperatures at all times and maximum steam saturation guarantee the best food quality. The new steam control ensures that the hygienic fresh steam flows around the food constantly and gently, ensuring that not even the most sensitive products will dry out.

  5. How often should a RATIONAL oven be cleaned?

  6. – To avoid corrosion in the cooking cabinet, your unit must be cleaned every day, even if it is only operated in Moist Heat (steaming) mode. – Apply vegetable oil or grease to the inside of the cooking cabinet at regular intervals (every 2 weeks or so) to prevent corrosion.

  7. How do steam ovens get water?

  8. Most steam ovens have a water canister or container inside the oven cavity. The water is injected into the boiler through a pump and the heat from the oven turns the water into steam.

  9. What is service 25 on a rational oven?

  10. Service 25 indicates that the oven logic board has not detected a demand for more fan motor power. Check clean Jet water/chemical blend pressure, oven water supply, cavity moistening valve and nozzle and the CDS sensor.

  11. How does a RATIONAL combi oven work?

  12. RATIONAL combi ovens combine a convection oven, steamer, and broiler into one piece of equipment and can even be configured as ventless not requiring an exhaust system.

  13. Do Neff steam ovens need a water supply?

  14. Most steam ovens are quite small and compact between microwave sized and the size of a full stove. They come with a detachable reservoir for the water and do not need to be connected to a water supply.

  15. Are steam ovens worth having?

  16. “Steam ovens are great because they turn out healthier, more nutrient-dense food. The high heat of a traditional oven can destroy nutrients like vitamin C and folate. Steam cooking preserves them. Because steam is a more moist way to cook, you can also skip the oils you’d need to use in a traditional oven.

  17. How much water does a rational oven use?

  18. At market leader, Rational, it reports that consumption depends on the model and cooking mode used. For example, the six grid electric model uses 1.8kWh in combi mode, when loaded, and 1.5litres of water.

  19. Where does the steam in a steam oven go?

  20. Most steam ovens contain a water canister inside the oven cavity. The water is injected into the boiler through a pump and the heat from the oven turns the water into steam. This means moisture is kept at optimal levels, reducing the need for oils and seasoning. Some models connect to a water line.

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