Can you put a countertop microwave above the stove?

  1. Can you put a countertop microwave above the stove?

  2. In general, countertop microwaves should be at least 2 feet away from the cooktop, and because these models are not designed for over-the-range use, they should never be mounted above a cooktop.

  3. Can a microwave and electric stove be on the same circuit?

  4. Short answer, you can used the same outlet for both devices, but just not at the same time. Yes this is true but having a dedicated circuit with a single outlet for microwave is necessary to be in compliance with code.

  5. Can you put a cooktop on top of a wall oven?

  6. Answer: An Electric, Induction, or Gas Cooktop can be installed above a wall oven, noting the following: 1/4″ clearance is required between all cooktops and wall ovens. Clearance is measured from the bottom of the cooktop burner box.

  7. Does a cooktop need to be on its own circuit?

  8. The quick answer is no — an electric cook top does not have to be on its own dedicated circuit. A cook top can be connected to the same circuit as one or more built-in conventional electric wall ovens.

  9. Are built-in oven better?

  10. A built-in oven is great for many reasons. Not only does it mean you won’t have an extra appliance cluttering your countertop, they also lend a fabulously professional slant to your kitchen if you incorporate one.

  11. Can I put a built in oven under the counter?

  12. You only need to measure the height of your space. For built-in models, the height is around 90cm and it’ll only fit at eye-level. If you want one under a countertop, you’ll need to find a built-under double oven which will measure around 70cm tall.

  13. What is the standard size of a built-in oven?

  14. Standard wall oven sizes typically run 24, 27 or 30 inches wide. Depth and height remain about the same regardless of width. Most single wall ovens are 27 to 29 inches high. Wall oven depths generally range from 22 to 24 inches to fit within standard cabinets, or 27 total inches when including handles and doors.

  15. What is the difference between built-in and over-the-range microwave?

  16. Built-in microwaves are similar to over-the-range microwaves, except that they don’t sit above the oven, and they do not replace a range hood. Instead, built-in microwaves can be placed on an island or mounted on a wall or cabinet. They allow you to save counter space and keep the range hood as your ventilation system.

  17. Can you use an over-the-range microwave as a countertop microwave?

  18. Over-the-Range Microwave ovens and Advantium/Five in One ovens cannot be used on a counter or shelf and are not UL (Underwriters Laboratory) approved for this purpose. Keep in mind the underside is not flat on an Over-the-Range Microwave or Advantium/Five in One oven.

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