How do I clean my Advantium metal tray?

  1. How do I clean my Advantium metal tray?

  2. Metal TrayWash carefully in hot, sudsy water or in the dishwasher. A plastic scrubbing pad may be used to clean the metal trays. Wash carefully in hot, sudsy water or in the dishwasher. Do not use abrasives to clean the wire rack as it could damage the finish.

  3. Can you broil in an Advantium oven?

  4. Broil uses the upper lamps, lower heater and convection system to broil food similar to a conventional oven. Before you begin, make sure the turntable is in place. Use only the metal tray or metal grill tray (on some models) when broiling.

  5. Is an Advantium oven a microwave?

  6. Advantium ovens offer flexibility as a 5-in-1-oven. Use it as a convection oven, toaster oven, warming/proofing oven, precision cooking oven, and a microwave.

  7. Can I toast in a speed oven?

  8. Broil mode can be used for toasting bread, bagels, open-faced sandwiches, baguettes, and crostini. Broil mode uses the top heating element and is great when toasting is required on one side only.

  9. What is the meaning of Advantium?

  10. Advantium is a line of fast-cooking electric ovens for household use sold by General Electric. They use both halogen lamps and microwave energy, either separately or together. Advantium. Type.

  11. What is an Advantium wall oven?

  12. Advantium technology harnesses the power of light. The outside of the food is cooked like a conventional oven, with radiant heat produced by halogen bulbs above and below the food. This halogen-produced heat receives a boost of microwave energy.

  13. How do you cook bacon in Advantium?

  14. Bacon can be cooked in an Advantium using the microwave function. It is recommended to layer the bacon strips on a plate and cover each layer with a paper towel.

  15. Can you bake in a GE Advantium oven?

  16. COOKWARE TIPS The metal tray that comes with your Advantium can be used as a shallow baking sheet. Ensure consistent and even browning by arranging food on the metal trays as shown below. Foods can touch but should not overlap. You can also use your own cookware in the Advantium oven.

  17. How do I unlock my Advantium microwave?

  18. The control panel may be locked to prevent the oven from being accidentally started or used by children. To activate the lock-out: Press and hold the Clear/Off for about 3 seconds to lock and un-lock.

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