How do you change the time on a Smeg microwave?

  1. How do you change the time on a Smeg microwave?

  2. ADJUSTING THE CLOCK Depress and hold the right-hand dial for a few seconds until the clock display flashes. Turn the left-hand dial to the right / left to set the time. Depress the dial to confirm. COOKING FUNCTIONS Microwave Cooking ideal for defrosting, cooking and reheating.

  3. How do you turn off a Smeg oven?

  4. Press and hold the function knob down for around 3 seconds to immediately terminate any cooking operation.

  5. Why is my Smeg oven not heating up?

  6. Smeg oven not working This problem is typically an electrical fault if your oven is totally unresponsive. It may be a faulty power cable connected to the outlet, a defective power socket, or a fuse that has tried the circuit breaker.

  7. Can you put metal in a Smeg microwave?

  8. Yes. There is a special earthing element in place on this shelf meaning it is safe to leave in while using the microwave function. Please note you must not use any other metal utensils or containers inside the oven when using microwave function.

  9. Why is the A flashing on my Smeg oven?

  10. When the A symbol appears it means the automatic cooking functions are engaged, for assistance using these please click here or refer to the user manual for your specific appliance.

  11. How do I know what model my Smeg oven is?

  12. The Smeg model number is located on the lower part of the Smeg hob which is fixed to the casing. In order to read it, you must access the lower part. A copy of the label is included with the instruction booklet.

  13. How do you read a Smeg serial number?

  14. The Smeg model number is listed as a ‘MOD’ number and is a combination of letters and numbers (e.g. SUK62MFX5). The Smeg serial number is listed as a ‘N’ or ‘S/N’ number and is an 8 to 10 digit number (e.g. 108 51423).

  15. Does Smeg have a microwave?

  16. Smeg microwave ovens are available in a number of different aesthetic designs and sizes to accomodate your kitchen layout and co-ordinate with other built-in appliances.

  17. How do I change the time on my Smeg?

  18. Note the two buttons outlined in RED. Press both buttons and hold down with left hand. Then use the plus + and minus – buttons to set the time.

  19. How do I know when my Smeg oven is preheated?

  20. When you select and start a cooking program, SMEG ovens will automatically begin pre-heating, and will indicate when it is time to put your food in the oven via a beep, or a flashing thermostat.

  21. How long is a Smeg kettle warranty?

  22. All Smeg appliances are supplied complete with a manufacturer 2 year guarantee with the exception of a number of extended promotional 5 year warranties listed below.

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