What is iCombi pro?

  1. What is iCombi pro?

  2. The iCombi Pro will optimally adjust the temperature and time. The result will convince you every time. It can also be reproduced at any time. No matter who is operating the cooking system. This is intelligent cooking, so you can keep achieving your personal goals.

  3. Do Rational ovens use gas?

  4. The external measurements of the oven are 1042mm(h) x 847mm(w) x 776mm(d); the net weight is 152 kilos. The maximum heat output is 22 kW and the unit requires a natural gas connection.

  5. Can you sous-vide in a rational?

  6. Fill the iVario with precise amounts of water, measured to the exact quart – and then drain it easily through the integrated water drain. Preparing the water bath for your sous-vide application is a breeze.

  7. Where are RATIONAL ovens made?

  8. RATIONAL cooking systems are produced in two locations: Landsberg am Lech, Germany, where the iCombi is manufactured, and Wittenheim, France, where the iVario is produced.

  9. Is a combi oven a RATIONAL oven?

  10. Rational combi ovens are the industry leaders. Combi ovens provide a combination of steam and regular heat for thoroughness without drying out your food. They are used in a wide variety of commercial kitchens: like bakeries, restaurants, bistros, and cafs.

  11. What is a RATIONAL Self cooking Center?

  12. The SelfCookingCenter is the first and only cooking system in the world fitted with true intelligence. Equipped with 5 senses, it senses the ideal cooking cabinet conditions, recognises the size and quantity of food, thinks ahead and knows how a dish is best cooked.

  13. How much electricity does a rational oven use?

  14. Power: 18.9kW, 32A per phase.

  15. What does a RATIONAL oven do?

  16. The RATIONAL SelfCookingCenter combi oven can steam, blanch, poach, bake, roast, sear, fry, grill, smoke, sous-vide, overnight cook, and much more, all in a single self-cleaning piece of equipment. It also offers a unique Finishing system that makes event catering less labor intensive and stressful.

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