How do I unlock my IKEA microwave?

  1. How do I unlock my IKEA microwave?

  2. Make sure the microwave oven and timer are off. Press and hold the CANCEL keypad for 3 seconds. Two (2) tones will sound and “LOC” or a padlock icon will be displayed (indicating the control is LOCKED). Repeat to unlock.

  3. What happens if you miss your time slot at IKEA?

  4. We have a solution for you. If you are unable to collect your order during the time slot you selected, IKEA will hold your order for the next 24 hours and contact you to offer an alternative.

  5. Can you put silver takeaway containers in the microwave?

  6. In simple terms, yes, it’s possible to microwave an aluminum takeout container. But, when you take it out after microwaving, don’t touch it with naked hands as it will be too hot.

  7. How do I set the time on my IKEA?

  8. Open the IKEA Home Smart app on your phone or tablet. Tap the Timer symbol in the top left corner. From there you can configure either the predefined timers or create new ones.

  9. Why is my microwave clock not working?

  10. One of the most common causes of a microwave clock that keeps resetting itself is a power outage. Your microwave clock can also start to have problems if your microwave’s power supply, control board, or display screen are starting to break down. It could also be an issue with the settings.

  11. Can you use an aluminum pan in a convection microwave?

  12. Yes, you can use aluminum pans in a convection oven. They’re even more ideal for these types of ovens because of their low-rimmed structure that allows hot air to circulate quickly and more evenly.

  13. Why cant I press any buttons on my microwave?

  14. The most common cause of your microwave buttons not working is a faulty control panel. If you press all of the buttons and only some work, this is a good sign the control panel is defective and will need to be replaced as they are difficult to repair.

  15. How do you reset a locked microwave?

  16. A soft reset is simply turning off the microwave oven to cancel or erase the program you’ve input in the microwave. To do this, you will just simply press on the Off/Clear button. Pressing Off/Clear button and holding it for about 3 seconds will also resolve the Control Locked feature of the microwave.

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