Who is unox?

  1. Who is unox?

  2. Unox (Dutch pronunciation: [ynks]) is a food brand of Unilever that is available in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. The brand is used for various meat products, such as rookworst (smoked sausage), but also for soups and noodles.

  3. What does UNOx stand for?

  4. UNOx. Urinary Nitrate + Nitrite Excretion.

  5. Where are unox ovens made?

  6. Today Unox is a symbol of “Made in Italy for thousands of professionals and operators in gastronomy, pastry and bakery in more than one hundred countries worldwide.

  7. Who owns unox?

  8. Unox is forged upon the principle of finding simple solutions to complex problems. This belief has guided president Enrico Franzolin since he bought 50% of Unox, then a fledgling convection oven business, in 1991, becoming sole owner in 2005.

  9. Do I need a combi oven?

  10. Why Choose a Combi Oven? If you make a high volume of various foods, or frequently cater for large groups or continuous lines of customers, this is the right option for you. You’ll be able to steam, poach, bake, roast, grill and cook different products without having to purchase multiple pieces of equipment.

  11. Can you cook chips in a combination microwave?

  12. Cod and chips is the nation’s favourite, potato wedges done in the combi-microwave are quicker, cheaper and healthier than buying takeaway. You can cook your Young’s cod fillets in the normal oven in roughly the same time taken to make these potato wedges.

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